tireetoo.com is the website of tireetoo Limited, a company selling the services and applications of Stuart Barlow a Java, c# and generally agile enterprise software developer.

I have a wide (financial, telecomms, IT infrastructure) and deep (15+ years) experience of building enterprise systems using agile (applied with SCRUM) approaches including TDD (more recently BDD) and IOC. Technologies have included object relational mapping tools (such as TopLink and Hibernate), xml based webservices (using schemas, AXIS and XFire) and JMS messaging systems across J2EE and .NET architectures. Usually trying to keep it simple in the fight against complexity. Occasionally dabbles with J2ME and Android applications.


Beech a simple java class finder. ClassNotFoundException or NoClassDefFoundError causing you trouble. Then use Beech to track down your missing (or offending) class.

EdinBus for nokia get bus info using GPS or search for bus stop by name.

Mindee a simple GTD (getting things done) tool. Available soon.


08 Aug 2012
Making progress at the new client. System getting more stable.
01 Dec 2011
Complex lump - could do with a break up
30 June 2011
Summer off - what to do?
15 Feb 2010
Javabatch - what to do?
16th Nov 2009
Recently moved to new 3 month project. BDD in c#. Good stuff.
1st Feb 2009
On the same project, still consulting on software design and quality.
19th June 2008
Nearly a year! Yes friendly. And a bit of fun. Summer time again.
15th Aug 2007
Been at the new work for 2 weeks now and its friendly. You can't beat friendly.
Summer 2007
Beaches, family, friends, treehouse, 4 year old and sleeper train. Just good. Okay and a little rain.
2nd July 2007
Having an extended Summer break before starting new project.
13th May 2007
Currently working for a UK Pensions and Life financial company.
12th Feb 2007
Site development begins, keepin' it simple, as you can see :-)
10th Feb 2007
dreamhost.com hosting started
7th Feb 2007
tiree.com registered!